About two weeks ago in in bid to try and stop smoking or vaping for the sake of my lungs - I started experimenting with tobacco free 'nicotine pouches'. I've tried products from brand names Nordic Sprit, Lyft, ZoneX, Skruf and more!

Mixpackk from haypp.com

Now I've not gone without the odd cheeky roll-up or a quick puff on the vape - but largely speaking - within what's a short space of time I've dramatically reduce the amount I smoke. The major downside is no fag breaks at work! I feel slightly overloaded after trying so many strengths and flavors over the past couple of weeks I need to settle on my favorites and stock up next month.

Changes are I'll be shopping at haypp.com (check out their Instagram for updates) - a shop I found to offer great prices, quickly delivery and good customer services. At the moment it's also cheaper than going to the UK sellers direct unfortunately.

I'm planning on posting a few more product reviews soon and narrowing down which I think is the best product.

I also think it's worth noting from all the advertising, promotions and online stores I've visited - this isn't a something being pushed on kids or the like as we've seen with vape products. A lot of the advertising is obviously trendy - but it's focus mainly on convenience - and features actors / participants who are smokers and are of a suitable age. I'm much more comfortable with this approach to marketing.