So I've lost count of how many days the UK has been in 'lockdown' mode - and given I was self isolating and working from home a week before the office shut - god know's how long it's been.

I'm some what of a veteran of self imposed isolation and social distancing - spending my years working for BrizTech at home and alone - and become quite used to the practice. But even then in full hermit mode - I still had a pub next door - I had the shop down the road - and if I wanted could have been and gone anywhere. The pub and the shop I visited of course (and this social interaction is not to be underrated) - but out of choice / laziness didn't really do anything - a little bit like now.

So in seems enforced isolated is far worse than self imposed - and actually I've found myself taking advantage of our allocated exercise period to get out of the house (properly socially distantly of course) and probably getting more exercise than I would have.

However I've clearly got nuts enough already to shave all my hair off -

And have opted to not shave my mustache for the duration of lockdown - so I'll emerging looking like a proper creep - but seems a good opportunity to try it out!

Next up... find a project to sink my teeth into...