After having left hospital on the 15th of November - I've had to wash and redress my bandages around the major burn on my thigh every few days. Photos start two weeks after the initial burn - I'm trying to get hold of the original shots that were taken!

If you're interested in how I got into this ridiculous situation - 'So... I poured boiling water all over myself'.

For those with a morbid curiosity or just an interest in how burns heal (very slowly in my case) - I've been taking pictures as often as possible to chart the progress. See the results below! I'll be updating this post with new photos as I take them.

So here we go -

2nd of December
4th of December

This is the state of the burn after they discharged me 14 days after the incident. My little chappy didn't escape unscathed so I had a catheter in for 12 days (that was fun) and they weren't letting me leave with that in.

Pain at this stage was pretty bad - and washing was not a fun experience. Worlds better than the first couple of weeks - but not a fun job none the less.

Amazing how much kit it requires and how long it takes to take it all off, wash and redress. The hospital released me with a large bag of supplies!

5th of December

Not a lot of progress early on after hospital discharged me. Whole wound area was bleeding, extremely uncomfortable so I was on a lot of pain killers at this point!

Seeing some progress would have been nice - needless to say it was good to be home and I was actually starting to prefer doing my own dressings and taking my time.

7th of December

This looks pretty bad - but also when I think it turned a corner.The area had mainly scabbed over and whilst still tender - I was seeing improvement.

The main issue at this point was that the dressings would constantly roll down due to the 'inconvenient' location of the burn - so there's been a lot of faffing about.

I'm hoping the progression continues over the next few days.

9th of December
12th of December
14th of December

Finally starting to look a little bit better I think - and much less excruciating pain involved now.

A lot of the scabbing has made way for new skin - and despite some areas still bleeding - you can see it slowly healing from the outside in.

17th of December

Slightly different lighting in the post above - but it does seem to be showing signs over improvement - and far less painful to scrub clean now!

Good progress - but still a substantial area with bleeding. Currently applying 'flaminal' to these areas when redressing.

19th of December

Getting there! I think it's looking better?

22nd of December

Christmas Eve Special as promised!

Some really clear improvement in time for the holidays and I can now moisturize a large part of the dry - but healed - skin.

24th of December

Looks like there's only one really horrible bit left so hopefully not long to go!

I reackon that area will be mostly sorted by the next shot.

26th of December

So we're pretty much there now...

There's still some bleeding from a small area of the burn - but the majority of the surface is fresh skin. I'm in for an outpatients appointment on the 27th (tomorrow) which I hope goes well.

27th of December

So we're 95% there. No more outpatient appointments - and just a basic stick on bandage to be replaced every few days until the rest of he it heals up! Itches like hell mind!

I've got an outpatients appointment with a plastic surgeon to address any scarring issues given how long the burn has taken to heal - but I'm hopefully all will be over soon.

I hope you've all enjoyed watching the progress so far - and I'll post another update when there's been significant progress.

29th of December

Does look fantastic in that photo - but actually the bulk of it has now healed nicely. There's a small patch still bleeding - but now the only dressing needed is a small Border Lite bandage to cover the most affected area.

As you might be able to make out, some skin is growing back - which always itches - but the pain isn't too bad now. Couple of paracetamol and it's fine.

4th of January

Update - things have gotten much better over the new year as you can see above.

Unless it really improves this might be my last update until the 16th - when I've be visiting a plastic surgeon to talk about long term scarring.

Update 19th Feb. - so pretty long time since my last update... but it's still healing -

19th of Feburary - 96 days since 'the incident'

So it's still pretty visible - but truth be told the area of my body gets very little air time - so it's not really a problem. You can see some raised areas which I suspect may scar - as well as the sorta bumpy area in the middle - perhaps the darker bits too?

In short - who knows - doctors initially predicted a 'full recovery' but I suspect there will be some inevitable scarring. Pain wise it's none existent - Â but it does itch a wee bit from time to time.

So in summary - it's taking al ot longer than I thought to go back to my usual pale as. a ghost self - but I suspect I'll be back to my natural pasty white tone eventually! Scar wise - after the amount of pain I went though - I think I deserve a bit of a scar.

Update 4th April 2020 -

4th of April

So as you can see - it's long from gone - but other than the occasional itchy spell it's not causing any bother. You can start to see / feel where some long term scars may end up - but all in all - no complaints!

Hats off to the NHS staff who help put me back together again!