So after taking full advantage of their amazingly priced 'mixpacks' - I went ahead and made my first 'proper' order with Pricier than the 'mixpacks' - but given the past services from these guys, the quick delivery speed and the fact they're still cheaper than as UK based supplier - it seemed like a sensible place to stock up.

Ordering online is easy - and products are sorted by brand or flavor - so it's easy to find what you're looking for. The marketing emails are worth as signup as they offer frequent deals.

The latest order.

So I must confess I'm not a huge fan of the mint varieties. The Lyft 'Berry Frost' is amazing - but seemingly out of stock everywhere - so I thought I'd try and couple of new citrus options and the On! Berry 8mg pouches.

The 'On!' Berry pouches are amazing - I'd tried the 2mg version as part of a 'mixpack' - but the 8mg hits the stop perfectly (I found some in a local shop). They're nice and small in size so are convenient to use - and the metal carry case makes them easy to fit in your pocket. Taste is great - and at 8mg they do the trick! So I'm keen to stock up on these again.

As for the Nordic Spirit 'Berry Citrus' - I love the brand - strength if right and I can't see it being anything but nice - plus I've got plenty of 'Elderflower' left for the time being.

As for the Zyn 'Citrus' pouches - right strength, decent price and I quite liked the mint varieties I tried as part of the 'mixpacks'.

I placed my order late last night (the 16th) and the items were dispatch today via PostNord who hand off to Royal Mail - normally shipping is a couple of days... but as it's the end of time...

Haypp informed customers there may be some delays.

Haypp were quick to inform there may be some delays and all the items (plus the usual bonus freebie!) arrived on Tuesday the 24th -

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Thanks for the refills! @officialhaypp

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I appreciate I'm starting to sound like a nicotine pouch evangelist - but as someone who smoked for 14 years - these products have made a huge difference in my smoking habits - reducing it to basically zero. Don't get me wrong - a pint and a fag is still the dream - but with modern anti-smoking laws and all the 'health' stuff - I've yet to find a better option.

One thing I will say about is that the offers and discounts change a lot! Don't be surprised if you buy something one day - and it's cheaper / more expensive the next! Check out their TrustPilot reviews here.

Patches are boring - nicotine inhalers suck and don't get me started on the awful nicotine replacement gum! Click the banner below to shop their store -

Now on to the individual reviews - I'll update these when I get a chance to try them all properly!

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Slim Strong (9mg)

Back to my favorite brand!

So back to Nordic Spirit - this time a new flavor of 'Berry Citrus' - and it's tasty! At 9mg these are the perfect strength for me - and there's something about the contents / material that make the Nordic Spirit pouches much more comfortable in the mouth. They sit comfortably under your gum to the extent you could forget it was there. These are apparently a new design for the 'Bergamot Wildberry' which is my favorite flavor from their UK distributor ( - so no wonder I love them! (After speaking with Nordic Spirit I can confirm this is the case).

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Slim Strong is a fresh flavour experience from the nature. The nicotine pouches provides a quick kick followed by a long-lasting nicotine delivery. The citrus flavour from bergamot are supplemented byt the sweet-sour undertones of wild berries.

Zyn Citrus Mini Normal (6mg)

Little zesty pouches!

The Zyn mini pouches are slightly smaller than your typical 'slim' sized pouch - but still pack a nice flavor - and like the Nordic Spirit pouches sit easily in the mouth and are probably ideally suited to first time users - if not maybe in this strength. The taste is crisp and clear - no gum irritation and can see these being a good choice to keep in your back pocket. The smaller size is noticeable and the effect / flavor of course doesn't as last as long as the larger pouches - but they're a good strength.

ZYN Citrus Strong 6 mg is a little dicreet and dry nicotine pouch with a fresh citrus, orange and lemon grass flavour.
The nicotine pouches are small with a dry texture and start delivering the nicotine and citrus flavour when they become a little humid in the mouth.

Will update with more reviews when I've worked through the deck!