So as of the 31st of January 2020 I now live and work in Swansea, Wales - and so far - I must say I quite like it!

I’ve started my job at Veeqo, which whilst I’m still getting up to speed with things to get properly stuck in, looks like it’s going to be a great place to work. The office has a couple of dogs who visit - so it could never be too bad could it!?

The office is located at TechHub in Swansea and I get to unlock the doors with an app on my phone - love it - hope the novelty never wears off! The office itself is as trendy as you’d expect from a tech company with a cool product - and the colleagues I’ve met so far all are friendly and seem to know what they’re talking about - which is always a good sign.

As for life in Swansea itself, at the moment I’m staying in a very nice AirBnB provided by Veeqo for the month whilst looking for a place of my own in March.

My Dad and his fiancée came to visit on the weekend and we took a trip out to the Gower area of area of outstanding natural beauty which has some stunning proper Welsh scenery coupled with a nice big burger for lunch!

Me and the Old Man

One of the big reasons for making the move to Wales was how fantastic the countryside is here - you don't have to go far from the city to enjoy some of the best sights Britain has to offer!

Rhossili Bay

All I've got to do now is get myself up to speed at work, get myself down the gym (I'm dangerously out of shape after my stay in hospital) and get some permanent accommodation sorted! All signs point to good things to come this year!