A review of the wireguard VPN options offered by Mullvad my prefered VPN provider. Afforable, secure and Wireguard compatible!

Before we get into my opinion - lets look at some of the key facts we should all be checking when scoping out at VPN provider. So what am I looking for in a VPN - well I'm a big fan of Wireguard (if you're not using it you should be!) - so that limits my options somewhat off the bat.

iOS Connection Screen

I'd suggest reading through the Mullvad site in detail for more information about it log free policy, worldwide server options and anonymous payments. Read all they have to say here - https://mullvad.net/en/help/no-logging-data-policy/

My review is to focus on the user experience. After installing Wireguard on a variety of platforms - from mobile to Linux through to Windows and Mac - all I needed to do was generated a Wireguard config for each of these units which have their own IP.

This means access to multiple VPN servers around the world with a single click - and compared to Open VPN speeds - the connection is almost instant. And considering I have an awful 10Mbps internet connection - speed isn't too bad either -

Wireguard also support multihop functionality -

Multihop can be used for many different reasons, for example, increasing your privacy or improving latency/performance due to sub-optimal ISP peering. Each WireGuard® server is connected to all the other WireGuard servers through WireGuard tunnels. This means you can multihop from one server to another.
Ref - https://mullvad.net/nl/help/multihop-wireguard/

Wireguard makes creating these configuration quick and easy for each of your personal devices. With support for on demand activations based on mobile or wifi network. Native apps for iOS, Mac, Mac and I assume Windows make it a breeze to use -

A connection Wireguard interface

I also run a Wireguard server so I can connect to my home network remotley - and tunnel all my traffic to the outside world via the Mullvad VPN connection. It's an easy solution and the software even runs smoothly on a Raspberry Pi.

Would highly recommend! And unlike most other VPN providers - no affiliate program - so I've no incentive to write this other than bored.

In terms of just WireGuard servers - Mullvad has 148 worldwild - leaving you pretty much covered. A complete list (including OpenVPN servers) can be found here - https://mullvad.net/en/servers/wireguard/