Unfortunatley - I'm not leaving on a jet plane - but I am off for Swansea (Wales) this Friday and I'm pretty much all set for the move.

About 40 rubbish bags later I've finally emptied my flat of 5 years worth of crap - and I've packed up what precious belongings remain. Once I dumped the rubbish it was a suprisingly small pile!

Couple of areas left to sort - but I can't be packing away the TV too early - so there's some work left to do before I let the cleaners loose on Friday morning - but I think I'm pretty much here.

I've got some fancy digs organised by Veeqo for my first month in Wales - however I'm already on the hunt for a nice new place of my own for March. Quite excited about the move now - so I'll be glad when this week is over and I can get going.