So I'll be moving into my new room in Swansea soon - and in terms of internet - I'll have access to a WiFi access point hooked up to a 100mbps fibre connection - shared between 3 flats (mine included).

Now I don't want to sit on the same network as my housemates - no offense but I'd prefer to have my own. It also lets me use my PiHole (ad-blocker) at network level. So I needed to look at what my options were.

I quickly opted for a TP Link WiFi access point with 2.4ghz WiFi topping out at 300mbps and a 100mbps ethernet port. I was tempted to spring for something more fancy - but when it comes to the connection to the net - the 100 mbps fibre connection will be my limit - not my hardware.

TP-LINK TL-WA801ND 300 Mbps Wireless N Access Point

So the idea is to use this access point as a client to connect to the communal WiFi - and then connect this via ethernet to my trust old router which has support for gigabit ethernet and 2.5ghz and 5ghz WiFi. Basic idea - the wireless AP replaces my old physical connection to a modem.

The bottleneck is between the router and the access point - but at the same it's the max speed of the internet connection anyway. The local network connected via the router will be using 5ghz wireless - or preferably gigabit ethernet.

I've got an 8 port gigabit ethernet switch I'll hook up to the router - and this should cater for most of my network connected devices. I've got a backup 5 port switch if device location becomes an issue and I need a switch elsewhere in the room.

I've plumped for a WiFi connected power strip to retain master control over the various extension leads that will be required to power all this - and so I can easily switch off non-essentials when required.

WiFi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector Smart Extension Lead

I look forward to getting stuck and and getting everything back up and running - I miss my TV! We'll see if it all goes to plan... I suspect not! I've got quite a few electronics to hook up!

The 'rough' plan!

Got any better ideas / suggestion - then get in touch! Input always appreciated.