Last Friday (01/11) - after getting a modest but well received bonus for winning an award at work - I thought I'd treat myself to a new tattoo.

My last tattoo was a dagger and rose piece by Jimmie ( who works out of Skin Deep on West Street in Bristol -

Dagger and Rose Tattoo

I wanted a new piece with a similar theme - but something a little more interesting so went back to the same artist to get some work done on my upper arm.

So after a bit of thought - and hours trawling through pics of other tattoos and drawings by Jimmie - I opted for a Ship!

New 'Bristol' Ship Tattoo

And after half an hour of working on a drawing - and then a mere one hour in the chair - the new tattoo was done! About twice as fast as I'd have expected!

It looks great, is healing nicely - and the whole arm - with the two pieces together looks pretty cool in my opinion.

Also - I figure it's a pretty solid investment of that bonus money - given this tattoo will be with me for quite a long time! :)