So I thought I may as well continue to review the nicotine pouches I've boughts as it's actually been the first product to actually stop me from smoking - not entirely - but I've not been hammering my lungs pretty much never these days thanks to nicotine pouches. I can't advocate for nicotine as a substance - but if you are looking to quit smoking - I'd advise nicotine pouches over any other replacement therapy any day of the week. I've done NHS patches and inhalers and these really don't compare. It's less 'medicine' and more like vaping without the unknowns i.e - lung damage.

Research on vaping is still in it's infancy - and from my perspective filling your lungs with shit - be it smoke or vapour probably isn't going to end well.

Today I'm gonna be talking about the Shiro Sweet Mint (6mg) pouches and the much stronger White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (12.3mg).

Currently running on stock from who are a fantastic supplier.

Shiro Sweet Mint Slim Normal 

So 'sweet' mint is an apt name - the pouches are 6mg nicotine but they really do have a sweet taste too them - a bit too sweet for my taste if I'm honest. In terms of the pouch itself - it’s a good size and has a strong flavor -  but as a person who hasn't spent life chewing gum the mint is frankly a little too much for me.

They'd be a great first choice for a first time user who is looking for a nice, sweet minty taste - but not something I'll personally be buying again.

White Fox ‘Double Mint’ (12.3mg)

So these are perfect for a strong strength nicotine pouch. Size is nice and comfortable and the taste is strong but not overbearing. Nice solution to long meeting or drawn out train ride! The great thing about pouches if that the smoking ban is irrelevant (yay!) - so stuck waiting for a train - pop one of these in and your good for at the very easy an. hour if not more. I wouldn't advise these to light smokers - but for the 20 a day crowd these will see you though the day no troubles.

You'd be amazed the freedom nicotine pouches offer - especially in countries like the UK with relatively draconian laws on 'smoking'. Get your nicotine fix and no one even notices. I find myself going for a vape just to get out of the office now!

So there's my view on a couple of products. I'd still point to as the ideal retailer - but feel free to shop around - I'm not on commission! My Trustpilot review can be seen here.