So lockdown is starting to feel a bit like life in prison - locked up 23 hours a day with 1 hours yard time - so I've been taking advantage of our exercise window to get out on the bike, explorer Swansea and bit - and also loose a bit of weight! After being out of action for the better part of last year it is surprising how unfit (and slightly heavier!) you become.

I'm lucky enough to live a 5/10 minute cycle ride from the coastal cycle path in Swansea - making it nice and easy to complete what at the moment is a round trip of about 5 miles - with a break midway at the beach to take in the outdoors.

To the beach and back... not quite Olympic stats...

It's nice to get out an down by the seafront - and people seem to be general observing social distancing guidelines - however there seems to be a lot more people exercising than normal - making you think they're also looking for a brief escape. I've not quite made it as far out along the coast as I'd like yet - but I'll work up to it - hopefully shedding a few unwanted pounds in the process!

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Up the nose shot... 🚲

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