Last Friday the 13th of November marked 4 months since I miaciously poured boilding water over myself - I'm and I've gotta say I'm still suffering the consequence of my stupidity a fair bit!

That first week in hospital was hell on earth - no other way to describe it - however slowly but surely the pain is dying down an the high traumatic event of srubbing the wound and redressing is complete.

On the 28th of November I was finally release home - and after a week of lazy recovering - went back to work (from home) the following week.

The WFH Dream!

I'm still washing and dressing the burn every few days... which is fun... however I think I'm becoming a bit of an expert now. All going well - it's cleared up enough by the end of the year that bandages wont'be required in 2021! The burn itself it wrapped up pretty tight at the moment -

Wrapped up and ready to go.

I wont post any gruesome photos in this article - but check this post for a timeline of recovery photos here.