I don't advocate the downloading of torrents illegal in your region - please check any relevant laws before proceeding. Always remember there are lots of free torrents out there.

In this review I'm going to be looking at put.io - an online file storage system with the ability to download remove files using an ultra-fast connection. We'll also be looking at The Chill Institute - a fantastic source for torrents with a direct integration with put.io.

This setup is perfect if you want to be watching a movies, at high quality moments after you've made your pick. You can also get full TV seasons ready for a weekend binge.

Now it's worth saying before we go any further - I suffer a 10mbps ADSL connection at home - so the speed we see here are a little mind blowing for me!

We'll have a closer look at put.io first -

What put.io say

We fetch files from many public places at very high speeds, then put them into your digital stash.

We are more like the remote version of the "/downloads" directory on your computer. We do the downloading for you and then we serve up the goods to your devices.

TL;DR - you can download file ultra fast to a remote server and then steam from there. In practice this means downloading a film in minutes / seconds and being able to stream directly after.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Lets take a look at their pricing...

put.io pricing tiers

For me the service is perfectly priced - with the $9.99 package with 100GB storage more than enough for my needs as I often download files to my local machine. Plans do range up to 10TB is you require more storage.

put.io servers two main functions  - it downloads files from sources like standard HTTP links or torrents and 2 - allows users to stream these downloaded on to virtually any device.

What this means in practise is you can think of a film out of the blue - download it and be watching within a matter of minutes - regardless of your own internet connection speed. You can also look deeper and setup RSS feeds for your favorite TV which I may cover in another guide.

The Chill Institute

The Chill Institute is the ultimate (free) companion to put.io.

The Chill Institute is is a torrent search aggregator - please check local laws before downloading prohibited content (gotta say it!).

Quick and easy to add to put.io

The search bar at the top reveals a huge array of results - and after initial authorization (only required once) will allow you to add the torrent to your transfer list by simply selecting 'Add to Put.io'. This will download the file into a folder in your put.io account titled 'chill.institute' where all items will be downloaded to.

Watching put.io videos

Downloaded videos can be watched via a web browsers on your laptop / PC. They can be viewed using the mobile app on your phone, android TV or a range of smart TV's. This makes it easy to share your media collection with your whole home.

Video is streamed from the put.io servers (download is available) so speed will be limited somewhat by the bandwidth of your internet connection - however quality will downscale to improve frame rate if required.


That's right - if your are using this setup - put.io is downloading adn seeding the torrent file - not your computer. So not more letters from your ISP!

Note - I'm not affiliated with put.io or Chill.Institute - I just like their services

Check out my guide on setting up RSS feeds with ShowRSS and put.io here for details on how to automate the downloads for your favorite TV shows.