Put.io the online hosting service offers RSS feed functionality that allows you to automatically download items from an RSS feed of appropriate links - perfect for automatically downloading your favorite shows and having them ready to watch.


showRSS.info is a service that offers RSS feeds for most TV series - and you can signup for an account - curating your own personalized feed - or take a show by show approach. In this example we'll be looking at adding a single show to put.io so new episodes are downloaded in 720p as soon as they become available.

The first step is to find the feed address for the show you want to add - using the 'browse' functionality on showRSS you should be able to find the TV show you're looking for - in this example we'll take 'American Dad' -

Here we have what is essentially the content of the feed - with each entry a magnet link to a torrent file. We need to take the show ID from the URL -

The show ID will be at the end of the page URL.

Next we need to setup the RSS automation in put.io. Login to your account and select 'RSS Automation' from the menu on the right. Here you can add a new entry -

The RSS Automation configuration screen.

From here - setup is pretty simple - the one thing you'll need to know is the base URL for the plain RSS feed - for this example -


The number proceeding the '.rss.' is the show ID taken from the web URL earlier.

You can have files downloaded into specific folders to create a structured media library that will automatically fill up with your followed shows.

Cover Photo by Scheier .hr on Unsplash