For photos of the burns healing / development - check this post (regularly updated) here.

On the early hours of Friday (15th Nov.) I did what I've done myself without issue and that was to prep a boil of bowling water and put a towel over my head and inhale the steam. Now I get how when spelled out it sounds crazy - but it does work!

So I get my nicely boiling pot of water (more of a mixing bowl really) and grab a towel. I take a comfy seat on the sofa and go to put the very hot bowl on the coffee table in front on me. Now here’s where it’s all a bit unclear... I’m not sure if o missed the table entirely, slipped up somehow was was just being a complete tool.

But long story short - I was hot, wet and not happy.

Stripping off my trousers I saw skin slaking off my leg (not a pretty sight) and my hands felt like they were on fire. I stuck my hands under the cold tap and worked out what to do next!

This was't and 111 job - I called 999 and luckily paramedics were on the scene in 10 minutes. 2 big burly paramedics arrived and they stuck me naked in a cold shower for 20 minutes... it was a seriously long 20 minutes.

After this they wrapped me up, grabbed my slippers and raced me up to the A&E at the amazing Southmead hospital.

Enjoying A&E

After a fair dosage of morphine and fentanyl I was happy as Larry - but unaware of the painful healing yet to come!

Still full of drugs at this point!

More to follow - including some NSF photos once it's healed up a bit!

Update - after two weeks in hospital (escaped on the 28th of November) - here's a photo of the main burn taken whilst redressing it at home -

Main burn area of the 2nd of December.

You can find plenty of other horrible photos of the burn around the site if that suits your tastes! Pain wise not too bad now - just a frustrating, long healing period. Want to watch - you can follow the burn healing process here. (NSWF)