So I had my usual quite night in last night (Friday) and happily went off to be around midnight.

Now after checking my security cam - seems some half naked Brazilian / Spanish dude had been sneaking into my room and initial watching me sleep!

I live in a communal block of flats - so to be honest tend to leave my own door unlocked with the main door to the outside always locked. Lesson learnt here!

I eventually work up and asked this dude what the fuck he was doing. He was clearly out of his nut demanding some ketamine.

Weird half naked guy!

Then the guy walks right up to me and sits on the end of my bed - this is when things went from 'random drunk dude' to a little more fishy...

Bit too close for comfort...

Guy kept trying to grab my crotch and hug me and shit - and whilst I've no problem with homosexuals - I'm not one  - I would much rather not be touched like that! The guy continued until I told him to fuck right off and pushed him out the flat.

Out you go...

An hour or so later I hear knocking at the door (I'd locked it at this point) - I knew who it was - so answered the door with a baseball bat in hand and told this guy in no uncertain terms to fuck right off.

Dealing with the matter - baseball bat style.

So lesson for the day - lock my internal door to avoid weird peepers and potential rapists! I'd also like to stress the bloke was so off his face his wasn't exactly hard to handle - and other than a few quickly rebuffed inappropriate advance - the poor fella was easily dealt wih! Just suprised at his perisistence!

Have a nice day!