The Surge Can is stylish, simplistic, functional and an effective way to protect your Snus, Chew Bags, Snuff, Skruff, Nicopods and more…

About Surge Global Ltd. -

The Surge Can was founded in 2019, after enjoying various chewbag flavours we noticed that the generic plastic tubs they came in were not very water resistant and didn’t keep our portions very fresh. So we set about exploring ways of designing a stylish, water resistant but functional can.
We did research across various areas where snus was popular and we found that sports fans and people who enjoyed the great outdoors had looked at ways to store their portions, keeping them fresh but also something stylish and small for days on the golf course, the football pitch, fishing, festivals and more..

The Surge can is a beautifully designed, simple piece of kit that feels great to hold and serves its functional purpose in a stylish way.

The can is made from solid, anodised aluminium and has a nice weighty feel to it without being too heavy to put in your pocket. It also includes a top compartment that will be familiar to snus / pouch users for disposing pouch when you’re finished. A rubber o-ring keeps this lid secure and in place.

Essential for me was the divider available with the can - as this makes it extremely easy to carry different pouches around with you without a muddled tin for 3 cans in your pocket!

The colour is fantastic too. I opted for the green which I think looks great - but the can and dividers are growing in a range of exciting colours.

Priced around the Β£30 mark the Surge can is a solid investment for any day to day pouch user, especially if you enjoy a range of different pouches.

Surge Can
The Surge can out in the wild.

The Surge Can itself is small and compact to fit in the palm of your hand 72mm 72mm x 23mm and comes in a range of various colours. The can is weather resistant too -

One of our main features we wanted to include was to ensure the Surge Can would withstand the weather for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, and also provide enough space inside to store almost 30 portions in each can which is more than a regular plastic tub.

Verdict - Highly recommend you to your regular snus / nicotine pouch user. The can looks sweet, feels great and does the job with style.