So 2020 started with so much promise... my burnt knob had healed... I was offered a perfect job and relocated to Swansea  - which despite popular opinion - I quite like!

However... there's been a few bumps in the road since moving to Wales and starting work for Veeqo... competitor to my old company (Brightpearl) - and a business I once held is quite high regard...

Things have ended well - which is nice - and I've now got what is pretty much the ideal job with a new firm (I'll go into details later) - but it's been a fun rollercoaster ride to get here!

I made the decision to leave Brightpearl in the wake of my hospitalisation last year - and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Veeqo paid for my accomodation for the first month in Swansea - and seemed keen and eager to get me working from the Swansea office as soon as possible. For me on a personal and professional level this was great - someone had seen my CV - spotted some potential and was eager to get me employed. Funny how things can change...

I worked maybe 8 weeks at Veeqo before being furloughed.... somewhat annoyingly that company itself was going from strength to strength - but due to a change in the product (self onboarding) my role as 'implementation consultant' became redundant - in every sense of the word.

Veeqo were kind enough to use the government furlough scheme to delay my redundancy as long as possible (and even topped it up to 100% for 6 months) - so I had a nice little work free, paid break... but I'm not entirely sure this is what the Chancellor had in mind with his furlough scheme. It basically got used to postpone my inevitable redundancy -  which is great for me... maybe less so for the taxpayer?

So in short - worked for Veeqo for a couple of months... just started to settle in then got furloughed until redundancy. Lesson learnt. Grass isn't always greener on the other side etc. etc.

Helpful tip - if you're going to uproot your whole life... check and see if that job will existing in a few months time!

However - when god closes a door he opens a window!

After a somewhat depressing (yet interesting) week working as an IT contractor for the NHS for a week - I landed what is pretty much my dream job right now - 'Marketplace Manager' at a company called Universal Textiles.

Universal Textile (T/A Pertemba Global) sell 100,000's of products across over 60+ marketplace combinations - and I am responsible for these marketplaces - with marketing, data and photography/graphic design reporting directly to me.

So from redundancy I landed a pretty sweet job - working remotely at the moment with a view to relocating post global crisis - but it's nice to find a job where my skills and experience are appreciated. It's been great for far - and I look forward to getting more and more involved, growing my team and leading Universal Textiles / Pertemba Global to new marketplaces across the world.

Good luck to anyone seeking work! It's tough out there!