In my work, on my website, on my CV and across this blog you'll see references to 'omnichannel' retail. I thought it worth spending some time looking at what that is - and give a bit of context as to what I do for a living.

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Shops nowadays often sell across multiple 'channels' - a channel might be your physical bricks and mortar store, a website or marketplace like eBay or Amazon. So as a retailer you're potentially selling lots of items (of which you need to keep tracking of inventory) across a range of different platforms.

Omnichannel retail is the term given to this type of retail operation. Combining multiple sales platforms into one business process. This allows companies to view all their orders in a single system (not check all their marketplaces each day) and also maintain a central stock level - kept in sync with all selling channels. Systems often integrate with carrier companies too - allowing companies to ship all their orders for one place too.

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I currently work for a software company that provides this 'system' to retailers. An online platform where they can manage all their orders and get them quickly and easily shipped out to customers. As someone who once ran an 'omnichannel' business (selling across Amazon, eBay and a web store) I know how vital this can be.

Imagine having to log into all your different channels each day, fetch orders, correct stock levels and ensure you're goods get sent out on time - it's a lot to manage.

My role is as an 'Implementation Consultant' - helping new customers onto the platform, ensuring they adopt practices that best fit their needs with the software and assist in helping retailers find that perfect order process - from sale to delivery.

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Omnichannel retail also applied to 'click and collect' type services - a prime example of the merging of the digital a physical world - and omnichannel retail tries to encompass that.

The software itself typically connects to web stores, carrier and logistics companies and accounting software allowing customers order processing control from a cloud based solution.

So there you go - not overly exciting but that's what I do!