So I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to the post Google buyout of Fitbit - and had up until now been using a Charge 2 HR. This was unfortunately lost in the the burn my leg off situation so I needed something new.

I’ve always liked the Withings devices and as a fan of the traditional watch appreciate their simple design and discreet notification system.

So lets take a look -

The Withings Steel HR Sport - functionality pretty much mirros the charge 2, battlery life is obscene and it looks fantanstic.

I picked up the Steel HR Spot and I must day other than a few quirks with the sleep trying - it look great, feel done and the app is certainly look good - but is is Withings all flash and no substance?

The main things I want from a fitness tracker are -

  1. Constant Heart Rate Monitoring
  2. Sleep Data
  3. Something wearable!
  4. A usable and well integrated app platform.

So lets consider how the Steel HR stack up against these points.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Steel HR provides heart rate readings though the day - as well as haing he ability to manually check your pusle via the watch - or the app itself using the camera functionality. This is pretty neat - but I'd also quite like the option in input HR from another source manually.

A Day of HR Monitoring Results

Overall HR tracking seems consistent and reliabe - and when stack up against BP machines and other HR monitors the results are consistent. The Streel HR passes this test for.

Sleep Monitoring

So here's where things haven't been perfect - but it may just be it needs to learn my sleep pattern better. When it has worked - the insight has been good - and on par with the infromation FitBit charge a premium for - however selever naps and full short nigths sleep have gone unnoticed. Being able to enter sleep manually would be nice? There have also been a few naps and missed sleeps...

Something Wearable!

Well this one easy - it looks better than the Charge 2 - it feels like I'm wearing a proper watch and the notification are no intrusive to to the point of annoyance as I found with other watches.

Looks great and feely nice and comfy!

A Usage and Integrated App Platform

Well for me - Withings have pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to integrations. I use Apple Health to centralize data, MyFitnessPay for food tracking and Strava for running. Lets take a look at Withings integration options -

RunKeep and Nest can be found on the list as well.

Being a Stava and MyFitnessPal user - for me this is perfect.

The 'Health Mate' provides a couple of different ways to view your health statistics - in a timeline format - or a dashboard view of your latest figures -

Timeline View
Dashboard View

Both view provide quick and easy insight into your health stats - and as you can image you can dive into further details - but I wont cover all of that in this piece.


In conclusion it's a great looking device that offers all the functionality I need. Given my current situation unfortunately I can't test it down the gym right now - but as soon as I get a chance I'll be putting in through it's paces.

Pros - Looks, app UI

Cons - Sleep tracking seems lacking, food tracking minimal (via integration only)